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New Year, New Zodiac: Montblanc Reveals The Mystery of Signs and Symbols

Originating in the realm of myths and legends, the zodiac and its twelve animal symbols retain all of their significance today in Eastern culture and beyond. The annual zodiac sign offers an indication of the opportunities for the year ahead, while the defining characteristics of each of the animals are said to be transferred to people born in that year. First introduced in 2015, Signs & Symbols is a collection made up of the “Legend of Zodiacs”, an annual writing instrument inspired by the zodiac sign of the year to come and“A Journey Among Dragons”, a line celebrating the mythical creatures and their great powers. Every year for 12 years, the Maison is releasing a unique writing instrument to mark the zodiac of that year and an annual edition in honour of dragons. Bringing together the beauty of precious stones, the elegance of lacquer and artisanship of fine hand engraving on its 925 sterling silver cap, each edition differs in design and meaning to honour the ancient symbols that have inspired them.
Introducing the new zodiac sign: The Dog Limited Edition 512

According to the legend of the Zodiacs, the Jade Emperor held a race for all the animals in his kingdom, promising the first twelve animals to cross the stream that they would be named the animals of the zodiac. Following the monkey and the rooster as the first two Montblanc Legend of Zodiacs editions, Montblanc ushers in 2017 with a writing instrument designed as a celebration of the year of the dog. The hand-engraved design on the silver cap is a detailed representation of an animal defined by its uncompromising loyalty, honesty and exceptional intelligence. Contrasting with the sliver cap, the black lacquer barrel of the writing instrument symbolizes the“king of colours”, a reference to black’s status in Ancient East Asian culture as the most honoured of colours. The zodiac symbol is elegantly stamped on the rhodium-coated Au750 solid gold nib, while the cone is set with a diamond in a brilliant cut, the birthstone for the Year of the Dog,. The Montblanc emblem that crowns the fountain pen is crafted from precious mother of pearl. Bringing additional good fortune for the year ahead, the special limitation number of the Dog Limited Edition is a celebration of the lucky number 8 with 512 being the sum total of 8x8x8.

The Legend of Zodiacs The Dog Fountain Pen 512 and the Signs & Symbols Azure Dragon Edition 88 are available in Montblanc boutiques from September 2017.

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 Azure Dragon Limited Edition 88

Myths and legends depict the East Asian dragon in a multitude of figures illustrating its numerous traits and great powers. Over the centuries, a few of these dragons have become crystallized in Asian culture. Given its standing not only as one of the 12 zodiac symbols of the East Asian calendar, but also as one of the four direction or miracle animals, the dragon has a substantial influence on everyday occurrences in East Asian life. Among them, Qinglong, the Azure Dragon (東方青龍) is one of the oldest in East Asian mythology. Considered the God of the East in ancient myths, as well as the symbol of spring season, the Azure Dragon has a very long history. As early as the Han Dynasty of China (206 B.C.–220 A.D.), the Azure Dragon was widely already used as a decoration. In Japan, the Azure Dragon is one of the four guardian spirits of cities and is said to protect the city of Kyoto on the east, where temples are dedicated to each of these guardian spirits. To celebrate this year’s dragon, the sterling silver cap is meticulously engraved by hand with an artistic representation of the dragon, with its bright eyes set with blue sapphires. The golden coloured lacquer on black is inspired by the scales of a dragon, enhanced by the 750 solid gold fittings of the writing instrument. At the base of the writing instrument, a chalcedony evokes the magnificent colour of a real east Asian Azure Dragon. At the top of the limited edition, the Montblanc emblem made of mother-of-pearl inlayed in black onyx covered with a sapphire glass. Limited to just 88 pieces in reference to the luck that comes from the number 8, the masterpiece from“A Journey Among Dragons” brings to life the modern spirit of Eastern culture through finest craftsmanship and elegant design.

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